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The ASSOCIATION M.A.M – Museo Ambientalistico Madonita established in 1990 is situated in Polizzi Generosa in Geopark Madonie,50 km far from Palermo, Sicily. The Museum is located inside the castle in the center of Polizzi a village on a 1000 mt high mountain and consists of 15 rooms, a conference room and two laboratories equipped of library and teaching materials. The museum is a reference point for the scientific study of the flora and fauna, a place for collecting data, finds, photos and anything else pertinent to the nature of the Madonite territory. The guided visits to the habitats in the various rooms highlight the single species of animal you can see it inserted in a space-time context in which Geography, History, Art History, Literature, Geology and Biology etc. play with equal dignity. Through its founding members and partnership, also through cultural environmental education activities as well as the promotion of geotourism, it pursues the following statutory purposes: • Enhancement of the natural heritage of the Madonie Park, for the purpose of safeguarding it and sustainable development of the territory through forms of alternative tourism, in line with the aims of the Madonie Park and the European Geopark network to which it subsequently joined with Prot in agreement approved by the Executive Committee of the Park Authority with resolution n ° 30 of 25-10-2013; • Creation
and implementation of target environmental education projects aimed at public awareness, appreciation and enjoyment of the rural environment, the dissemination of knowledge of the values of the territory, including all natural aspects also linked to geology; • Train people who act as stakeholders to protect cultural identity, enhancement and sustainable use of natural resources; • Promote awareness in society of the preciousness of natural resources and the importance of protecting them, also through meetings between companies, associations, educational institutions, in respect of the constitutionally protected school autonomy • Sensitize Public Administrations interested in sustainable development through sharing • That the M.A.M. Association, in order to pursue the aforementioned purposes, operates through the implementation of autonomous projects, shared between associates and external volunteer collaborators and often supported by public and private entities The European projects , our Museum is involved, are very important for us

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